EV100 – Savoury canapes (10 pieces/person)

Herring and beetroot truffle with chive and black bread crumb

Hot smoked silver hake and lemon foam on canape with fresh dill

Salty “kama” foam with local Baltic herring fillet served on sliced potato

Beef fillet from Saaremaa with cocktail cucumber on black bread medallion

Smoked pork tenderloin with samson spread on black bread medallion

Handmade chicken liver patee on golden roasted crouton

Estonian duck fillet with cherry confiture on handmade bread

Chanterelle patee in rye bread basket

Nettle flavoured mini-quiche in colorful pastry cup

Strawberry-rhubarb salsa in cocoa pastry basket

EV100 – Sweet canapes (3 pieces/person)

Selection of mini-eclairs with “kama” cream filling in Estonian flag colors

 Price per person starts from 12.95€ + VAT
Minimum order for 15 people

Drink recommendation: Be sure to ask for eligible Estonian local sparkling wine, handmade cider or handmade beer.

Savoury canapes (10 pieces/person)

Pumpkin cream with king prawn tail on dark bruschetta

Cold smoked salmon with lemon cream served on a salad leaf

Roastbeef with acidified cucumber and mustard salad on rye bread

Picked pork with horseradish foam on black bread medallion

Melon cube with Crudo ham

Salted duck fillet with sweet potato cream in beetroot pastry cup

Chicken galantine with fresh melon ball and strawberry

Italian style salad on black bread medallion

Greek salad kabob

Bruschetta with caramellized vanilla-pear tartar

Sweet canapes (2 pieces/person)

Mini-Pavlova with Mascarpone cream and fresh berries by Jahh bakers

Mini Tiramisu sushi by Jahh bakers

Price per person starts from 10.90€ + VAT
Minimum order for 15 people

Selection of cold dishes, buffet-style (600g/person)

Beetroot and horseradish marinated salted salmon

Cold smoked butterfish cuts with citrus sectors

Roastbeef with handmade blackcurrant-clove cream

Panko crusted frog legs with mango-jalapeno dipping sauce

Chicken-spinach terrine with carrot granules and lime-coriander sauce

Alder crust smoked duck fillet with handmade gooseberry-orange jam

Green pea hummus with vegetable chips

Layered tomato-balsamico terrine with vegetables and Parmesan cheese

Quiche with carrot, onion and coriander

Fresh mango-tomato salad

Spicy seafood cocktail and pearl couscous salad

Potato salad with chicken confit

Mini-buns with flavoured butter

Dessert (160g/person)

Passionfruit-strawberry yogurth cake by Jahh bakers

Pineapple carpaccio with lavender syrup

Price per person starts from 13.45€ + VAT
Minimum order for 15 people

Selection of cold dishes, buffet-style (450g/person)

Gravlax with fresh dill and fileed orange

Herring in English mustard marinade

Chicken-spinach terrine with carrot granules and lime-coriander sauce

Herb crusted pork tenderloin cuts with pearl onions glazed in beetroot juice

Smoked pork fillet rolls with cream cheese and horseradish

Eggplant rolls with various nut fillilng and adžika sauce

Freshly acidified cucumber (NB! Seasonal product: June – September)

Fresh green salad with vegetables and chamomile dressing

Creamt hot smoked silver hake – potato salad

Beef and egg noodle salad

Fresh bread and bun selection with herb butter

Selection of warm dishes, buffet-style (500g/person)

Flatfish fillet in saffron-lemon sauce

Braised beef cheek in cherry sauce

Oven-baked red-peeled potatoes with herbs

Pure whipping cream butter glazed vegetable mix

Price per person starts from 14.90€ + VAT
Minimum order for 15 people
* All dishes may be served on sharing platters upon request.